Beyond the Buy

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Beyond the Buy is a webinar series hosted by Jamie Gleason of DD Agency along with Jack Klett and Ayo Strange of ETS. 

In this dynamic series, they explore the nonlinear path to pursuing graduate education and how this may impact you as an enrollment marketer. 

These enrollment specialists will: 

  1. Explore the newest graduate enrollment data 
  2. Share the motivations and rationale that make the graduate student "buying journey" unique for each learner 
  3. Reveal ways graduate programs and GEM professionals should meet future learners where they are as they journey toward inquiring, applying, and enrolling 

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Overview of All Episodes

Episode 1: The Current State: Data, Motivations, and Messaging
The path to and through graduate school is not linear, and neither is the prospective student “buying journey.” As such, graduate enrollment professionals must establish and cultivate connections with a diverse pool of learners, each with their own pains and passion for pursuing graduate education. Our specialists will explore the latest graduate enrollment trends and reveal ways graduate programs and GEM professionals should meet future learners where they are as they journey toward inquiring, applying and enrolling.

Episode 2: Navigating a Dynamic Graduate Enrollment Environment
Higher ed marketers and graduate enrollment professionals often think of recruitment strategy and tactics in a vacuum. The fact is market conditions and the recruitment environment are far from static. Episode 2 will focus on how to think differently about tactics in a dynamic market environment. Using real case studies from partner institutions, ETS and DD Agency will show how creative spins on some traditional strategies are generating impressive results.

Episode 3: Future-Proofing – Keeping Your Recruitment Plan Relevant in Changing Times
The future is now! Too cliché? Ok. We’re not going to gaze through a crystal ball, but we will share how to prepare for the unknown. Yes, it is important to try new things and sunset some recruitment practices that are no longer relevant in changing times. In an era when nearly everything can be “upcycled”, we share tips and tricks on keeping your recruitment plan relevant…like your favorite old pair of shoes.

Meet the Presenters

Ayo Strange Headshot-1

Ayo Strange is the Director of Educational Solutions at ETS where she oversees a team of recruitment specialists who assist institutions, schools, and programs to find and connect with prospective graduate and international students. Ayo has been a trusted advisor to the Higher Education community for close to 20 years. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Tennessee State University and a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership from Mount St. Joseph University.


Jamie Gleason is the Vice President of Strategy at DD Agency. He brings over 15 years of higher education experience to the team; almost a decade of which was spent on campus(es) and nearly six years in edtech. A self-proclaimed "farmer + fixer," enrollment has always provided the perfect challenge for him! He's happiest when mining through spreadsheets, results, and (generally) any type of data!

Jack Klett Headshot-1

Jack Klett works with ETS higher education partners in delivering solutions related to applicant assessment, holistic admissions processes, domestic and international recruitment, and diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives. A former chief enrollment officer and associate dean of graduate studies, Jack leverages his experiences to identify ways ETS can create more value for academic partners while fulfilling the ETS non-profit mission to advance quality and equity in education. His BA degree is from Rider University, and his graduate degree is from Villanova University.

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